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Half Sight

Blown Glass + Wood + Fabric


Bringing attention to the physical phenomena of light, "Half Sight" is an installation which invites viewers into a play-field of color. Viewers are immersed by rich yellow, red, and blue spheres, while the shadows they cast introduce the entire visual spectrum into the space. The top half of the inner room hangs just inches above the bottom, allowing a slice of yellow light through to the outside room. Movement in the space affects this cast light, and each person’s shadow is split into different (sometimes multiple) colored shadows, depending on their location. The installation is upholstered in white fabric and includes plush seating, reminiscent of childhood play-forts. Using additive color theory to break down what we see as “white light” in this environment enables the audience to explore with a child-like sense of wonder.  
(The inner room measures at 4 ft x 7 ft and 8.5 ft tall) 

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