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Waiting Tides

Metal + Clay + Climate data


Coming again to DNDA summer festival, June 29th and 30th

Waiting Tides, is an interactive space to raise awareness of projected rising sea levels. By creating a to-scale relationship between viewers and rising global sea levels, I hope to bring a physical reality to the abstract data of climate change. Waiting Tides consists of five structures, each depicting a different future projection for sea level rise.  

The first of the structures is 8 inches tall, the height of the Average Global Sea Level (AGSL) change from 1880 to 2018. 1880 is the commonly agreed upon “pre-industrial” point of reference for climate change, and following temperature increases will be based upon this year. The next structure is approximately 1.6 feet tall, which was the projected AGSL rise for 2100 in 1995 (the year I was born). The larger structures are based on recent projections of Average Global Sea Level rise for the year 2100 in relation to the average global climate increase in degrees Celsius:

 2.4 ft raised sea level for a 1 degree increase,

 7 ft for 2 degree increase,

and 9.4 ft for 3 degree increase 3.

The last of these structures looms over viewers. Most scientists agree that we will see this 3 degree increase in global climate, if not a 4 or 5 degree increase.  

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